The company

From 30 years of experience, Soleil Roy International has developed its range of products through the years and is proposing a packaging service as well as the delivery of fruits and veggies in Europe.

Our logistic assets

Our location, in Perpignan, first dispersion hub of fruits and veggies in Europe, in addition to our packaging line, allow us to guarantee you freshness and quick delivery in Europe.

Examples of delivery delays

We are proud to present you our deliveries delays, which we are doing our best to respect. We obviously know that the quicker the products are delivered, the better they are. To give you an idea, the transport of our fruits and veggies from our company to Benelux is, until now, one of the quickest you can find.

Necessary steps of the process chain


Our products are coming to our company by truck. Their origins are diversified: Spain, Portugal, France.

Packaging line

We own a highly-functional packaging line. Our team is giving its best to preserve the quality of our products.


We have a cold storage warehouse of 12,000 m2 of storage. Our products are waiting there until their departure.

Different kind of packaging

Cardboard package – Wood package – IFCO System package – EUROPOOL System package

“Euro Pool System is a unique combination of logistics services and reusable packaging based on rental and return. Our trays are the packaging standard in the chain for fresh and packaged foods. They ensure efficient and reliable transportation of your fresh produce.” – Europool Group

Our quality engagement


Saint-Charles International quality approach:

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